UK: Cops drag anti-mass migration activist off streets for asking anti- “Islamophobia” protestors questions

Aside from the absurdity of the UK police in turning their efforts against the “easier” target, where were the police when the Muslim rape gangs were assaulting and raping as many as a million girls in the UK? They were afraid of being called “racist.” It was also “easier” for UK police to arrest the parents “trying to stop Muslims from raping their children.”

The UK, like other European nations, is rapidly sinking into dhimmitude: crimes by Muslims committed in the name of Islam run rampant, unchallenged, unchecked. If anyone speaks out against this, that person is not only deemed “Islamophobic” and “racist,” but risks being hauled away by police like a criminal.

Robinson was also charged with inciting hatred for parading a “F*** ISIS” flag last July. Britons must simultaneously believe that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and that Muslims are endangered if one insults ISIS.


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