Insane: Canada Legislature Passes Bill To Grant Precious Right To Islamic Terrorists

Canada has now become “The Twilight Zone,” officially.

In a January 1962 airing of the classic sci-fi staple, the episode called “Nothing In The Dark” featured the tale of an old woman hiding from the person of death. She would open her door to no one until she was coerced into letting a needy officer who was shot in for help. As guessed, he turns out to be death and she meets her demise.

Compare that to what Pamela Geller has to say today to say Canada. She writes truthfully that (caps all hers) ” ZAKARIA AMARA IS A CONVICTED TERRORIST, SERVING A LIFE SENTENCE FOR HIS ROLE IN A PLOT TO MURDER SCORES OF CANADIANS.”

She also points out that, due to a bill that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberal government just passed, “AMARA WILL SOON BE GIVEN THE PRIVILEGE OF CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP.”

The man, though…

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