Middle Eastern Men Admit ‘..We Want to Control Women..’

sharia unveiled

by, Meira Svirsky | Clarion Project

Even though men in the Middle East clearly believe in a patriarchal system with limited equality for women, the system isn’t working so well for them, according to the results of a survey of 10,000 people across Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and the Palestinian territories.

“There is the perception about the Arab region that the patriarchy clearly dominates and that it is fantastic for men,” said Shereen El Feki, who led the study, speaking to the BBC.

Depending on the location, between 20-50 percent of men indicated that they were ashamed to face their families due to lack of money.

El Feki said that the survey report suggested that “the patriarchy works for the very small minority who are on the top of that pyramid.  For the rest down below, lots of women, but also from the results of the survey, many, many men, life…

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