1,600 of Australia’s rejected migrants want to come to America in Obama “dumb” deal

Refugee Resettlement Watch

(2013) DOZENS have been charged after rioting asylum seekers left the Nauru immigration detention centre in ruins. http://www.news.com.au/national/dozens-charged-after-nauru-detention-riot/news-story/89cc338cc0b837c348afa93c06686e48

This is the “dumb” deal that the Trump Administration has agreed to honor! (See previous posts here)

Supposedly we are taking up to 1,250 rejected asylum seekers (mostly from Muslim countries) that Australia is housing in detention centers at two off-shore locations after they tried to enter Australia illegally.

Thorn in Turnbull’s side! Australian open borders protestors want the detention centers closed and the ‘refugees’ admitted to Australia. Instead over 1,000 will be headed to the US. If we had anyone with guts in Congress they might introduce a bill that requires towns (where they will be placed) are notified of the arrival of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers.

Australia plans to close some of the detention facilities by the end of August and detainees (those not going to your US town)…

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