Nursery teacher ‘stabbed by three women shouting about Allah’, The stabbing took place on a busy London highstreet

UPDATE: The London Evening Standard have been told that the three attackers were “chanting the Koran”.

postthumbnailKarrien Stevens, who runs the nursery that the attack victim works at, has said: “A staff member was coming to work when three Asian girls came up behind her chanting the Koran.

“They pulled her to the ground, kicking and punching her. One of them got the knife out and cut her arm. They were shouting about Allah, that and the Koran.”

A spokeswoman for the nursery told Westmonster: “I think this was someone feeding off the recent terror attacks. The fact she had a knife and was chanting Allah says it all, really.

“One woman was carrying a Stanley knife. Whether she was radical or not I don’t know.”

Schools are in lockdown after the attack, which allegedly took place on Wanstead High Street, north London, as…

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