Bericht Bosch Fawstin

Hello, everyone. I’ve fulfilled all of my orders on My Mohammad Cartoons book. Thanks to all of you for your patience in its delay, and I hope you think that the extra 30 Mohammad cartoons made it worth the delay. Do let me know what you think of the actual book when you can.

And as you may have heard, Geert Wilders cancelled the Mohammad Cartoon contest that was supposed to end at the Dutch Parliament, where I was to announce the winner and deliver a speech on Free Speech, and where I was to draw Mohammad during my speech. Geert Wilders canceled it because of the great uptick in death threats that he received, and the threat that innocents in the Netherlands would die over it. I understood his concerns, and I’m not reckless about the threats we face, but when I caught wind that there was a consideration of cancellation, I tried to argue against it, in that this is exactly why I draw Mohammad, because of the death threats and death in the wake of them. And that it would give the enemy a victory. And there were also a number of good cartoons that came in, late, that I had already put in the top ten. Thanks to those of you on this list who entered. It was good to see that there were hundreds of people across the world who are not afraid to defend speech in the most dramatic way you can today, which is to draw Mohammad.
I also want to note that I sold out of my first print run of My Mohammad Cartoons book. And I want to make another print run, so those of you who haven’t ordered it, consider doing so, as I really want to make some noise with this book, especially in the wake of the contest’s cancellation. I’d love to keep this book in print for a long time. So please order if you like my work and if you want to support a book that wouldn’t exist if not for an individual, and a book that is considered illegal in 57 countries, all Islamic. hier
And one last thing, if you want to support my work, and help me keep it alive, please consider becoming a patron of mine at Patreon. I would really appreciate it. hier
Thank you,