Tommy Robbinson: Paypal are trying to shut me down!

Paypal are trying to shut me down!


THANK YOU for supporting our work through a monthly contribution.  The support we receive from people like yourself helps cover all the costs for our team.

This helps us drive campaigns like #IamSoldierX, raise awareness about PTSD and reporting the topics like grooming gangs that the corrupt mainstream media decided to cover up for decades.

The fascism from the establishment has now moved to the next level and Paypal have decided to shut my account and freeze all money in there for 180 days!

They have not provided any evidence of a policy breach and instead are joining Twitter in de-platforming and erasing people whose views they disagree with.

The current monthly PayPal donation has now been cancelled so please continue to support our work and subscribe to a new monthly contribution direct on our website here:

Ever since I started raising concerns with Islam over 10 years ago the establishment has attacked me in every way possible.  Now the far left big tech companies have joined the party to remove anyone who disagrees with their globalist open borders policies.

I cannot thank you enough for your support so far and I am determined to not let the establishment win.

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Yours truly,

Tommy Robinson