Dutch Struggle to Rein In State-Funded Salafist School

Bron: Dutch Struggle to Rein In State-Funded Salafist School

There are two Islamic middle schools in the Netherlands.

One of them has terror ties.

This, at least, was the conclusion of the Dutch intelligence and counterterrorism agencies in March, as described in a confidential letter to Amsterdam Mayor Femka Halsema. Based on an anonymous tip from a moderate Muslim group, the agencies warned that the city’s Cornelius Haga Lyceum had “anti-democratic,” Salafist leanings. Moreover, the agencies alleged, the school’s directors had connections with the Caucasus Emirate, a Chechen jihadist group with ties to the Islamic State.

“Certain administrators would like to devote half the curriculum to Salafistic doctrine,” Pieter-Jaap Aalsberg, director of Dutch anti-terrorism agency NCTV, wrote. “They also plan to bring the children into their spheres of influence outside of regular school hours.” The goal, it would seem, would be not unlike that of the ISIS leaders: to create a new, young generation of extremists.

This is precisely what the NCTV warned of in its latest report on the terror threat, published in February. “Political Salafists in particular are increasingly teaching an anti-democratic interpretation of Salafist doctrines with the aim of strengthening the ‘Islamic identity’ of Muslim youth and making their form of Sharia law the guideline for the daily lives of Muslims in the Netherlands,” the report stated.