#FreeTommy rally outside of the Old Bailey where I’ll be in court. They want him back to prison! UPDATE

speech before court:


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SHOCKING: Tommy Robinson to stand trial AGAIN — this time, for “being mean to a serial child rapist”

Incredibly, outrageously, two judges at the Old Bailey today ruled that Tommy Robinson must go back to court, to stand trial again for contempt of court — for the same incident last year for which he was illegally sent to prison.

Tommy was improperly prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for this incident — that’s what the Court of Appeal said, when they set him free after he served 10 weeks in solitary confinement.

But Theresa May isn’t done yet — she instructed her Attorney General to demand another trial. And today, the two judges agreed.

This is insane. This is “lawfare” — abusing the legal system to punish Tommy politically.

There is no public interest to be served by this prosecution; in fact there is no precedent for it.

What’s so absurd about this is: the rape trial in Leeds where Tommy was arrested was concluded successfully. Tommy’s news reporting did not disrupt the trial. It didn’t interfere in any way.

So why is Tommy being prosecuted for contempt of court?

Incredibly, the Attorney General gave his reason in court:

Because Tommy verbally insulted one of the rapists as he walked into court.

I’m serious — again and again the government’s lawyer said that was Tommy’s offence:

He was mean to a serial child rapist.

I wish I were making this up.

This is the state of the legal system in the UK. I call it the legal system, because I’m not sure if I should call it the justice system anymore.

Tommy will keep on fighting, I’m sure.

And we’ll keep reporting the truth — as opposed to the mainstream media who were outright mis-reporting facts from the trial. (And they literally asked the judge to stop me from live-tweeting the trial!)

In addition to myself, I brought with me a bunch of fair-minded journalists from abroad — real reporters from Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

We’ll link to their reports at RealReporters.uk

Please go there to see what really happened in court today.

And if you can, please help me cover the costs of flying all of those journalists to London today. I truly believe that we need to win this battle in the court of public opinion as much as in the court of law. If you can help cover the costs I’d be grateful — we spent about $30,000 (or £20,000) on cheap flights and hotels for the nine journalists.

Thanks very much. We’ll keep on fighting till we’re done — I’ll be back for sure for Tommy’s next hearing, on July 4 & 5.

If you want me to crowdfund the flights for more journalists to come too, please go to RealReporters.uk — thanks.



hier voor aanmelden en bijdragen

hier update: https://youtu.be/Ss-y5_8aE3E :

Tommy Robinson UPDATE: Ezra Levant goes to UK to cover trial, campaign

HELP Tommy at http://www.RealReporters.UK Ezra Levant of The Rebel is flying to England, and bringing other journalists with him, to report on Tommy Robinson’s campaign for MEP, and Tommy’s trial.


hier update:

Join Tommy Back in Court This Week

I’m in court on Tuesday fighting for our freedom – AGAIN!

I spent almost three months in prison, wrongfully convicted for the crime of journalism.

I was reporting outside of a grooming gang trial in Leeds, and while standing outside of the courthouse I was suddenly arrested on trumped-up charges.

I was covering a grooming-gang trial when I was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months in prison, and jailed – all in the course of five hours. And I was even denied access to counsel during the process.

To make matters worse, they moved me to a prison with one of the highest Muslim populations, where radicals wanted me dead. They forced me to enter into solitary confinement just to remain alive.

And then, thanks to your efforts I was able to walk free.

The #FreeTommy movement began during my prison stay. You protested in the streets and shared articles and videos about my wrongful conviction.

Together, we fought back, and you sent a message to the establishment.

The highest justice in the land, wrote a judgment rejecting the kangaroo-courts verdict. It was a real victory for our movement.

But now they want to put me back in prison!

On Tuesday, 14 May I am due back in court because the government is trying to see if they can re-open the case against me.

Now I am forced to take a day off from my MEP campaign trail, to go to London and fight for my freedom – AGAIN.

And I need your help.

Please join me on Tuesday, 14th May in London outside the Old Bailey at 1:00 P.M. for a family-friendly #FreeTommy rally.

Please share this page and this video with your friends and family.

It’s important that you attend, they need to know that we are united and I’m not alone.

WHAT: #FreeTommy rally outside of the Old Bailey where I’ll be in court.

WHEN: Tuesday, 14th May at 1:00 P.M.

WHERE: Outside the Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH

WHY: Because they want to throw me back in jail for trumped up charges that were already dropped and rejected by the highest justice in the land.

Together we can send them a message they’ll never forget.