Stop the political persecution of Tommy Robinson #JUSTICEFORTOMMY – 4th JULY 2019 AT THE OLD BAILEY + UPDATE!

Update 6 Juli: fb dult geen berichten over Tommy……….

Update 4 Juli video

The prosecutor said that if Tommy Robinson is allowed to do his “peoples journalism”, then soon other people will do so, too. In fact, warned the prosecutor, that’s exactly what Tommy has asked his supporters to do!

Hang on — I thought this was a contempt of court trial. Why is the prosecutor telling the judges to help him stop citizen journalists?

It’s a stitch-up. They’re trying to censor Tommy — they’re trying to censor us all.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant


Update 4 juli 2019:video + tekst


Tommy is in court AGAIN today because the British Government are not too keen on him being a public figure who tells the truth.
Successive governments hid the truth about Muslim paedophile child grooming gangs – Tommy brought attention to the industrialised RAPE of British children TEN YEARS AGO.
Tommy has been fighting and exposing the feckless, weak political enablers of CHILD GANG RAPE ever since.
Tommy has confronted, challenged, and exposed Muslim paedophile groomers who RAPE, MOLEST, PIMP, BEAT AND ABUSE vulnerable young girls.
That is why he is an ENEMY OF THE STATE.




UPDATE 3 juli The Rebel




Tommy Robinson is on trial again. This is the big one. A two-day trial.

The trial starts on Thursday, July 4. And by Friday afternoon, Tommy Robinson will either be free, or he will go back to prison.

And Tommy — he has no voiceTommy has been silenced. And the mainstream media, who normally would be shocked that a journalist was imprisoned and given such abusive treatment in prison — well, they’re cheering for his conviction and imprisonment. 

So I’m going back. I have to see this through. How will this end? Will Tommy go back to prison — and possibly his death? Or will he be free?

There will be a dozen reporters in court. But none of them will tell the truth — I have seen that with my own eyes. The British Media Party, as I’ll call them, have decided in advance to smear Tommy.

But I’m not going alone. My friend Andrew Lawton is coming back along with our wonderful young journalist, Jessica Swietoniowski, and another surprise journalist I can’t announce until tomorrow. 

The most important fight is in the court of law but the second most important fight is in the court of public opinion. We’ve got to get the facts out, and you just can’t trust the BBC, the Guardian and the tabloids.

Unlike the public broadcaster, we don’t get £5 billion a year from the government’s license fee. We don’t get a penny from the government. We’re completely independent. But that means we rely 100% on viewers like you. Please take a moment to chip in £5 or £50 or whatever you can (by using the form below) to help cover our costs — economy-class airfare and accommodations for myself and three other real reporters.

I promise I’ll report comprehensively — from insider the courthouse on Twitter, and on video during breaks from the case. So will Jessica, and Andrew, and our other guest reporter.

I’d really appreciate it, and I know Tommy does, too. Please use the form below to help out. Thank you — and good luck to us all.

Ezra Levant

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You Tube censuur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Op de pagina zelf, ziet u een You Tube film die aldaar niet, maar op You Tube kanaal wel afgespreeld zou kunnen worden. Echter, aangekomen bij het You Tube kanaal, leest u:

De volgende content is door de YouTube-community aangemerkt als ongepast of aanstootgevend voor sommige doelgroepen.
U kunt klikken op : Ik begrijp het en wil doorgaan
Vervolgens ziet u:

Fighting for my FREEDOM once again – FREEDOMFORTOMMY.COM

Vote Tommy Robinson MEP for North West, England

Naar aanleiding van gebruikersrapporten hebben we sommige functies uitgeschakeld, zoals reacties, delen en aanbevolen video’s. Deze video bevat namelijk content die ongepast of aanstootgevend kan zijn voor sommige doelgroepen.

Met, na aanklikken meer weergeven de link naar uitleg: hier
Gevolg is dat u de video niet kunt delen zoals gewoonlijk op twitter of facebook etc.
Dus dan maar een url weergeven:
De video kan hier niet worden afgespeeld, maar je kunt deze wel bekijken op YouTube.
Bekijken op YouTube

Stop the political persecution of Tommy Robinson



On May 25, 2018, the world watched in horror as Tommy Robinson was arrested LIVE on Facebook and within just 5 hours was JAILED for 13 months – for reporting on a Muslim rape gang trial.

The 35-year-old was freed from prison in August after three judges quashed a “flawed” contempt of court finding made at Leeds Crown Court.

Tommy Robinson was formally released from bail on November 5, 2018, where judge Nicholas Hilliard QC announced that Mr Robinson was no longer subject to any bail conditions after referring his contempt of court case to the Attorney General.

His arrest and subsequent jailing lead to a mass “Free Tommy” movement worldwide.

In a shocking twist, the GOVERNMENT have decided to RECHARGE Tommy Robinson for the same incident. His two charges are breaching a reporting restriction and causing anxiety to the Muslim men that are now convicted of child rape.

This comes a week after Facebook removed Mr Robinson from their platform in a hope that his movement is quashed.

Tommy has been warned he faces two years in prison. This should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, that this is state persecution for the world to see.

Subsequently, Tommy Robinson has all but been completely silenced by the mainstream platforms following pressure from the establishment not to mention a number of other pressure groups, with his removal from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal and now YouTube in the hope that his voice is no longer heard by people who oppose the mainstream bias, the fake news perpetuation, the two-tier justice system, the mass censorship and the democratic betrayal of the Great British electorate.

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As I am Counting down the days…


As I am Counting down the days…


Firstly a massive thank you to all who have contributed to help me cover my legal costs for this absolute joke of a case which is nothing short of disgraceful, and which the Attorney General has decided to bring me back for. For those of you that don’t know, this will be the 7th time they have taken me to court on these trumped up charges.

It is plain and obvious for all to see that this is being done deliberately in order for the costs to be unmanageable. I am currently at over £100,000 in legal fees with another £30,000 which I am required to pay for next week’s trial alone! All this because the government say that I may have caused the now CONVICTED child rapist’s anxiety!!

I have successfully reached almost 50% of the costs for the upcoming trial and am therefore still very much actively trying to raise the remaining 50%. I have even released some new merchandise on especially for the trial date and beyond in order to assist in the contributions to the legal bills and at the same time provide something tangible in return to everyone.