Tommy Robinson is back in PRISON — can you help us report on his condition?


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Tommy Robinson UPDATE: Ezra Levant to visit Tommy in prison


As you know, Tommy Robinson is back in prison after being found in contempt of court for his reporting on a rape gang trial.

When I spoke to Tommy, minutes before he was sent away, he told me that most of his affairs were in order — unlike when he was sent to prison in a matter of hours last year. He’s got things under control and he has some staff in place who are trustworthy.


The one request he made of me was that I visit him in prison. He only has a limited number of visits, so obviously, the family gets first dibs. But that’s for the family to reunite with their dad.

I’m going in for a different purpose — I’m going to ask him for every detail about his treatment — stuff Tommy likely wouldn’t say in front of his kids, and might not even want to tell his wife for fear of upsetting her.

Now, Tommy’s wife says the only time that works for me is this coming Tuesday afternoon. So I had to book a flight with almost no notice.

I literally land in the morning, drive straight to prison, visit Tommy, drive straight to the airport, and head home. I’ll be on the ground in the UK for seven hours, which is shorter than the flight from Toronto to London. So, between the last-minute plane ticket, the cab fare to and from the prison, and parking here in Toronto, the total cost of this visit is about $4,000.


If you can help me cover the cost of my flight, I’d be immensely grateful.

It’s an insane trip to do there and back — but I will do it every week if I have to, to make sure they’re not mistreating him.

So if you think we need to check up on him in prison, please help me by usimg the form below to make a contribution, and, of course, I’ll give you a detailed report every time.

I believe they want him to either be killed in prison, to rid themselves of that problem; or they want to break his spirit and psychologically damage him by keeping him in a box like they did last time.

I will tell you exactly what I learn. And, as God as my witness, if I detect any mistreatment or torture, I will tell you and I will tell the world.

Thank you for your support.

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