Please Join Us at Oxford Street, Central London on August 3rd – Free Tommy Demo


On the 3rd of August, we ask that as many of you who can, get into central London – OXFORD STREET at 12 pm and join the Free Tommy Demonstration. We must show our steadfast and unwavering support for Tommy. So be loud, be proud and let our government know we will not be silenced or intimidated by state persecution.

We want to thank everyone who has involved themselves in protests to highlight Tommy’s situation to the general public; you are an inspiration to us all!


As always, the fight will continue, and for those of you who have supported and contributed to this fight, we are all forever grateful as this can only continue with your help and support. For those of you who wish to support and are in a position to, you can do so by clicking HERE.

We can tell you that the support shown to Tommy’s family at this extremely difficult time has been extremely heartsome, so from Tommy and all of us here at TR.News we say a huge thank you for this.