TR: A letter from Tommy Robinson while he is serving time in Belmarsh Category A Prison for the crime of causing anxiety to a convicted Muslim paedophile.



A letter from Tommy Robinson while he is serving time in Belmarsh Category A Prison for the crime of causing anxiety to a convicted Muslim paedophile.

We all know why Tommy Robinson is in prison; we don’t need to go over each and every point of his political persecution. However, on a lighter note, we can reveal a letter that he has penned to you all.


brief hier in PDF

Well,here we are,it’s 5:30 PM,I wanted to wait until I had some updates before I put pen to paper.I’m receiving your emails and letters and for that I’m grateful. I enjoy the updates and I also take satisfaction from the variety of people who write to me. This unjust prison sentence has had the opposite effect. It awakens more people to the corruptionof the establishment. I have had letters from doctors, school teachers, professors, nurses etc. All of whom are shocked at the treatment and unjust conviction that I have received. The first person I saw upon arrival to HMP Belmarsh was Ross Kemp, whois doing a documentary on Belmarsh prison. I’ve been held in total isolation since the moment I entered Belmarsh. I’ve not seen another inmate;I’m held in prison within aprison. I believe the unit that I’m held on was built for IAN HUNTLEY!Other prisoners that have been held here are Abu Hamzaand Michael Adebalago!The staff at Belmarsh have been great, the governor has made sure all of my rights are recognised, to be honest he’s making the best of a difficult situation having me as a prisoner. I am 100% safe;this is a totally different sentence to my last in HMP Onley. Upon entry to Belmarsh I didn’t ask to be isolated, the prison decided to isolate me. When Ross Kemp was interviewing me,I explained to him that I was being held like this for my ownsafety,but months of total isolation is proven to have a negative impact on someone’s mental-health. You know in an era when everyone from Prince Harry to leading politicians proclaim to care about mental-health, I do struggle to get my head around the fact that my own government see it in the public interest to lock me up fornearly 5 months on solitary confinement inthe past year. All this for asking a now convicted child rapist how he felt about his verdict!Let me quote you WORD FOR WORD what the Judgeat the head of the Queen’sbench division said duringher summing up. Let me just point out first that she was promoted to this position just two weeks before my trial!“the contempt’swe have found provedwere NOTones of deliberate defiance, there was NOintention to interfere with the administration of justice and in the event neither the Akhtar trial orthe trial that followed were prejudiced.”What sheissaying right there is that she convicted a journalist of making a mistake that hadZEROimpact on the trial. Even my enemies can see that serving five months onsolitary confinement for what she describes as not deliberate is simply not fair.I contestthat I even brokeany law,it’s simple for those watching the video that the punishment does not fit the crime sorry,my so-called ‘mistake’. I’ve not actually been convicted of acrime, it’s a civil offence!The judges whosentencedme went against the law, they judgedAGAINSTwhat the law sayson their own website!Before I get into talking about my appeal let me tell you about the suiteI’m being held on, they call it a suite ha ha. It’s a separate part of the prison withno other prisoners. It’s located underneath healthcare;I look out of my window onto my exercise yard. It’s an exercise yard used only by me, it’s 7 m x 5 m, with four surrounding walls that go up four

floors high. It’s a bit like a courtyard within the prisonandthe windows that look in on it are officers’windows. Only two cellwindows look down from healthcare. The idea of this unitis that you never leave itandthat no one sees you.I have my cell and then a cellnextdoorwhich just hasan exercise bike in. Then another roomnext door to that with a shower/bath. My cell door opens at 9 AM when I can then use the bike and shower, make a phone callor spend30 minutes in the exercise yard. I spend an hour every morning first killing myself on the exercise bike. When I first saw it,I askedthe governor“what the f*ck is that”. Now I love it,ha ha. After an hour on the bike I have a shower,30-minute walkin the exercise yard and then make a phone call. Then I’m banged up again until 9 AM the next day, sleep and repeat. Last week though I got apleasant surprise when I was taken at 7:30 AM to the gym. I was given45 minutes but accompanied by Ross Kemp’s camera crew. I think the idea was to show the country that they made an effort after the trust in the prison service had been seriously damaged by the sight of me walking out of HMP Onley. The mad thing is I thought I looked sound when I was getting released from Onley, I thought I was mentally fine as well. The negative impact of solitary confinement only hit mewhen I was released. The governor and nurse in Belmarsh come and check on me dailyhere. They askhow I am;I say fine but tell them thatI’ll be able to let them know properly when I walk out of here having spent an additional 2 ½months on solitary confinement and complete isolation. If I walk out of here skinny,it’s not because I’ve been starved. I can eat fine in here;the staff make sure of that. I’m just smashing the cellworkouts until I can’t do any more. Thereisnot much else to do, it’s hot in here and the days are long.I hear the Daily Star have deleted their fake newsstory about an OAP beating me up ha ha. The Governor and Ross Kemp both came into my cellwith the newspaper. I said to them that I wouldn’t mind but I’ve not seen a single person since the last time Ross saw me upon my arrival. The fake news is shocking,my kids weresent the article and were panicking thinking that dad had been attacked when there was zero truth in thestory! My first appointment with my legal team was cancelled due to an incident in the prison, so it took two weeks before I could sitdown with my lawyers. I’ve been having an inner struggle with the appeal. I see a few people have wrote to me telling me that Avi had heard from my wife and that I was feeling down. It’s because my appeal costs are£84,000!, Plus I’ve just paid £20,000 legal fees for the upcoming court proceedings against the Muslim lawyer who sent that redhaired crackhead to livestream my wife and children, putting their lives in danger. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I also have to pay their costs from the Old Bailey at £31,000! So not only do they make me go to prison forsomething I haven’t done but they then make me pay for it, totally insane?That’s like £130,000, it’s f*cking nuts!They are trying to make it financiallyimpossible to challenge them. I hope you agree with me in believing that this has to be challenged. My family don’t agree which is why I’ve been

having aninner struggle over the issue. I had my legal meeting last week and instructed them to go full steamahead on an appeal against the conviction and also a bail application. I had to pay them £42,000, they required 50% upfront to start with and the rest when we get the appeal/bail applicationlaunched. My next phone call home was to tell my wife. I said that I feltso much better now. All I know what to do is fight what theythrow atme.I felt thatby not appealing I was giving into something that is quite clearly a stitch up.The lead judgeon the Queen’sbench has dirty hands on this case, she lied about me encouraging vigilante attacks and it’s simply not in the video. Will the Supreme Court judge be willing to dirty their hands on my case? Or will my name be cleared!It would be impossible to fight theestablishment without your help and love. My wife’s view is that it’ll be another trial more stress and kissing the kid’s goodbye again, but forme,another trial is another chance to expose their lies. I have to fight it! I just hope you’ll see it is important as I do as it’s a crazy amount of legal costs. Without your help and support I’m sure I’d already be a broken man, but instead I’m pumped and ready for round three. The establishment relies on the factthat they don’t think we’ll be able to afford to keep in the fight, so I will ask you to share this everywhere. I’m asking once again,help me fight the establishment! It’s death, prison or glory. Once the appeal papers are in, I’ll have an immediate bail application. Usually takes about seven days so I could or SHOULDbe home earlier than we expected meaning I might get a few weeks with the kids in their summer holidays. It was so good to see my wife,kids and family. Can you believe I’m being held in a cat a prison on a total isolation unit for content of f*cking court!Luton’s first game of the season on Friday night and although I’m locked up, I’m still excited. Just wish I was there with the kids. My son has handled it a bit better than last time, I was able to talk to them all before I went. That morning of court was so difficult, I was so emotional kissing them all goodbye. I knew they would jail me, to be honest I thought I’d be sitting in solitary for over a year. It’s lucky I’m good company because otherwise all this time alone would driveme mad.I’m writing my next book, bringing enemy of the stay up-to-date. I done half of it before I come away, first thing I need to finalise when I’m released. I want everyone to know every detail of everything that happened. The ups and downs, I want to thank each and every one of you who support me. I don’t really get a chance to get too down because your support continually lifts me up. I just want to get working on dedicating my months to filming #TheRapeOfBritain.I’ll end this on a nod to my amazing and beautiful wife, three perfect children,my mum dad and family. I love and miss each and every one of you.

PS I’ll probably remember loads I forgot to put in, the main point was that we are appealing! Paperwork should be in next week, then we will have a bail application. Prior thank you to everyone who supports this fight, the struggle continues!By the way, I’ll need a bus to help me with the amount of mail I’m receiving ha ha haLove to you all