Veren of Lood: EUparlement vertelt – dit is uw wereld!

Veren Of Lood

Dat u de wereld waarin het EUparlement leeft niet herkent vinden ze uw probleem. Het is de klimaathoax all over again. Ignorame nitwits besluiten hun persoonlijke overtuiging tot wet te verheffen.

EUparlement vertelt – dit is uw wereld!


Het EUparlement heeft besloten dat christendom, jodendom en islam allemaal hetzelfde soort religie zijn. Niet omdat het zo is, maar omdat de nitwits in dat EUparlement vinden dat het zo zijn moet.

Er was een probleem:

The Parliamentary Assembly notes that Islamic radicalism and manipulation of religious beliefs for political reasons oppose human rights and democratic values. At the same time, in many Council of Europe member states, Muslims feel socially excluded, stigmatised and discriminated against; they become victims of stereotypes, social marginalisation and political extremism. The Assembly is deeply concerned about Islamic extremism as well as about extremism against Muslim communities in Europe. Both phenomena reinforce each other.

Maar dat is een probleem waarvan men eigenlijk niet weten wil:

The Assembly recalls that Islamism is the view that Islam is not only a religion but also a social, legal and political code of conduct. Islamism can be violent or mainstream and peaceful, but in both cases it does not accept the separation between religion and state, which is a fundamental principle of democratic and pluralistic societies. The Assembly also recalls that discrimination against Muslims is unacceptable and must be combated. A great majority of European Muslims share the principles at the basis of our societies and it is essential to fight against Islamophobia, which stems mainly from lack of awareness and from negative perceptions associating Islam with violence. Failing to address these issues, many European governments pave the way to the rise of extremism.

En in zo’n geval leutert het EUP er sonoor over door. Met hilarische onzin, en een diep treurige attitude. Inclusief redenaties die nergens door worden geschraagd:

Muslims are at home in Europe where they have been present for many centuries, as the Assembly noted in its Recommendation 1162 (1991) on the contribution of the Islamic civilisation to European culture. Islam, Judaism and Christianity – the three monotheist religions – share the same historic and cultural roots and recognise the same fundamental values, in particular the paramount value of human life and dignity, the ability and freedom to express thoughts, the respect for others and their property, and the importance of social welfare. Those values have been reflected by European philosophies and have been included in the European Convention on Human Rights (“the Convention”; ETS No. 5).

Heeft dit veel met de realiteit uit te staan? Dat mag de pret niet drukken, iedereen is dolblij dat het EUparlement het heeft gecertificeerd.

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