Tommy Robinson is winning the world’s leading FREE SPEECH PRIZE — and Rebel News will be there to see it!

Tommy Robinson is winning the world’s leading FREE SPEECH PRIZE — and Rebel News will be there to see it!


I almost can’t even believe this part — it’s being held at the Danish Parliament and a Member of Parliament, Marie Krarup, is officially welcoming the event!

Tommy has fought for free speech more than anyone in the western world. As you know, he was sentenced to 66 days in solitary confinement, in Belmarsh prison, for “contempt of court”, just for reporting normally on a trial. That was on top of the ten weeks he served the previous year for the same “contempt of court”. Tommy was the first British journalist sentenced to prison for contempt of court since the 1940s.

Amnesty International didn’t care; Pen International didn’t care. Reporters Without Borders didn’t care. I even asked the British Committee to Protect Journalists why they weren’t fighting for Tommy — and they didn’t care.

But in Denmark, Tommy is getting this prestigious award. Other recipients in the past have included Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who was the target of an assassination attempt for drawing a cartoon of Mohamed; our friend Mark Steyn for his free speech battles; the great Roger Scruton, the leading British philosopher, who just passed away this month and me, if you can believe it, six years ago for my battles with Canada’s human rights commissions.

Tommy is winning the world’s leading free speech prize. I am 100% sure the British Media Party (as I call it) will not be covering it because it’s proof that Tommy is a great journalist, a courageous journalist — and that’s exactly what the Media Party doesn’t want you to think.

Tommy has encouraged me to fly over — he has a major speech he wants to give; and of course, he knows that I’ll report on it fairly and honestly — and no other British reporters will.

So, I’m going. I bought a plane ticket this morning. I’m flying to Copenhagen. And I’m going to be there — to report on the award ceremony and Tommy’s big speech. Because if I don’t, who will?

I’m going to be publishing all of my reports from Denmark on this website: