Egypt builds a wall on border with Gaza

Egypt builds a wall on border with Gaza

Door: Rasha Abou Jalal
  • They explained that the 6-meter-high barrier is made of reinforced concrete and goes 5 meters under the ground. It consists of a second barrier parallel to the old rock barrier built in early 2008 on the border with the Gaza Strip, separated by a distance not exceeding 10 meters. The barrier is designed to block the entry of gunmen from the Gaza Strip into Sinai and shut down the remaining Palestinian cross-border tunnels.
  • Talal Okal, a political writer for the West Bank-based newspaper Al-Ayyam, told Al-Monitor that Hamas hears the Egyptian concerns about the infiltration of extremists from the Gaza Strip into Sinai. He said this is particularly true since such extremists do not find the Gaza Strip to be a favorable environment, given that Hamas opposes the presence of extremist organizations that have religious motives behind espousing conflicts.

    Okal ruled out the possibility of a correlation between the construction of the barrier and the deal of the century. He said, “I do not think that the construction of this barrier has anything to do with the deal of the century in any way. It is a security, not a political, measure.”

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Comment Daniel Pipes and Rasha:

Did you know? Egypt’s government has built a 2nd wall along its Gaza border, this one 6m high & 5m underground, to block tunnels & keep jihadis out of Sinai.
Me: – Gaza is a threat to both its neighbors. – Odd that the UN doesn’t care about this wall.