Rebel: Tommy in trouble



Ezra Levant March 11, 2020:

Our friend Tommy Robinson is in trouble again. He’s asked me to come to London to help. So I’m leaving tonight.

He’s got old trouble — there’s a court hearing in the morning about that Syrian migrant who is suing Tommy. I’ll be there, I’ll tell you what happens, I’ll do videos outside the court and live-tweet from the inside.

As you know, the law firm that was suing Tommy hired an obscene, profane Antifa thug to deliver the lawsuit to Tommy’s family home, the home of Tommy’s wife and kids. A law firm, hiring someone to make threats to a man’s family.

That’s relevant because Tommy has witnesses who are willing to testify about the case. But they’re schoolmates of this Syrian migrant, so they’re young, and they’re afraid that if their identity is disclosed to the migrant’s lawyers, they’ll be bullied in this obscene way, too. They might be physically threatened.

So tomorrow’s hearing is whether or not the identity of Tommy’s witnesses have to be handed over to the people who hired a monster to scare Tommy’s family.





But there’s a second matter that I’m going to talk to Tommy about. And it’s the case of three middle-aged Muslim men who were hanging around the children’s pool at a family resort — without their own wives or children with them — and one of them groped Tommy’s eight-year-old daughter.

Tommy being Tommy, he went over and accosted them, and restrained the groper till police came.

The man admitted he groped Tommy’s daughter. He said it was an “accident”. Well, incredibly, when the police came, they refused to arrest the confessed groper or even seize his cell phone to look for photos; instead, they arrested Tommy. For assault.

You know it’s just so they can put Tommy away for a long, long time. They literally let the admitted groper go. They arrested Tommy instead.

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