Italy: Defend National Borders, End Up on Trial

  • This is the first time that a court of justice in Europe has been called upon to try a governmental minister — who is actually supposed to responsible for the security of a country — for holding migrants at a port pending a redistribution of newcomersacross Europe…. Until then, Europe had never offered Italy the slightest help.
  • Italy’s political ruling class, which for years has adopted as its migration policy the total surrender to illegal floods of immigrants — often organized by criminal traffickers — has now decided to turn Salvini over to the judges for doing what they did not have the courage to do: defend Europe’s borders.
  • There seems to exist an assumption that tens of thousands of people can take boats from Libya to Italy without controls, without deterrence, and without a country being able to exercise its right to self-defense from an epochal migratory tsunami.
  • Italy is now sending a disturbing message to Europe and the rest of the free world: anyone who, by governing the country, defends national borders and tries to stop mass illegal immigration can end up on trial and in prison.
  • The real horror in this charade is that Italy is still turning away ships carrying migrants, so why is Salvini being set up to take the fall?

Bron: Italy: Defend National Borders, End Up on Trial