Arab Medical Apartheid – Where Is the Outrage?

  • Lebanese citizens have launched an online campaign that says that they have the right to be vaccinated before any foreigner living in the country. The term “foreigner” mainly refers to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in Lebanon.
  • The campaign, which is being condemned by Palestinians and others as “racist” and “discriminatory,” has evidently failed to attract the attention of all those individuals and organizations who are making false, libelous accusations against Israel. They do not care about this racist campaign because an Arab country, and not Israel, is discriminating against Arabs (the Palestinians).
  • Israel, in fact, has vaccinated more Palestinians than any Arab country…. Given that tens of thousands of Arab Israelis and residents of east Jerusalem have received the vaccine without any problem, means that Israel is the only country that actually has so far given the vaccine to Palestinians.

Bron: Arab Medical Apartheid – Where Is the Outrage?