Video Report Shows Bad Actor Allegedly Planting Pipe Bombs Night Before Capitol Riot

Video Report Shows Bad Actor Allegedly Planting Pipe Bombs Night Before Capitol Riot

he House has already sent the article of impeachment against Trump to the Senate.

The article claims that Trump incited an “insurrection” on January 6.

That claim, however, is now being refuted in a Washington Post video report as well as the actual transcript of Trump’s speech.

Video Tells the Story

If we are to believe Democrats, Donald Trump’s words were the sole reason the Capitol was rushed and penetrated by insurgents on January 6.

f people actually listened to his words, or even bothered to read the transcript, they would know this is not the case.

Trump, during the rally, encouraged his supporters to march to the Capitol to “peacefully and patriotically so their voices could be heard,” according to a recent Sean Hannity report.

At no time did Trump ever recommend they storm the Capitol or cause any damage at all.

Now, a new video shows just how outlandish the charges against Trump really are.

A Washington Post video, which Hannity aired on his show, shows a suspect allegedly planting pipe bombs the night before…


We have also seen significant evidence from numerous outlets that the riot had been in the works for days, even weeks before Trump spoke.

The timeline of the riot also shows that the unrest at the Capitol was well underway before the January 6 rally was even over.

As Hannity stated, this is why the House never should have rushed to push through an impeachment, because they are just wrong.

In about a week, you are going to hear a lot of emotional rhetoric from Democrats during the impeachment hearing, but that video alone puts a huge hole in their case against Trump.

As I have stated before, you can argue all day whether or not Trump should have appeared at the rally or if he took too long to make an announcement about the rioting to try to quell the violence, but there is simply no real proof that he was the reason behind the riot… quite the contrary.

Perhaps this is why public sentiment is backing away from supporting the second impeachment effort by Democrats as well as why the original support by Republicans to impeach Trump is slowly but surely starting to wane.