“Thinking past the sale” – how anti-Israel propagandists work

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Bron: “Thinking past the sale” – how anti-Israel propagandists work

Israel-haters have a large toolbox of brainwashing and persuasion techniques to convince the world of what are effectively lies.

One that we have seen a lot in recent days is how they refer to the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. It is a variant of a sales technique called “thinking past the sale.”

From Levers of Persuasion:

“Thinking past the sale” is a persuasion tool where you get someone to think about what happens after they’ve made a decision or action. By doing so, you increase the odds that person actually makes that decision or takes that action.

There’s mounds of research showing that thinking about something increases the chances it happens. For example, there’s the Pygmalion Effect, where positive expectations empirically lead to positive performance. Similarly, there’s the Golem Effect, where negative expectations lead to poorer performance.

In everyday life, you hear people talk about these effects with phrases like “self-fulfilling prophecies” or “I thought it into reality”.

Thinking past the sale works because: